Monday, December 05, 2005

The mother of all year-end lists

Best of 2005 lists (I'm keeping this one updated as a master list. If you see any I mighta missed, please tell me.)

thus spake drake's top albums 2005
Amazon Editor's Top 100 Albums (Play it)
Pitchfork top 50 albums of 2005 (Play it)
Pitchfork top 50 singles of 2005 (Play it)
KEXP's listener voted top 90.3 albums of 2005 (Play it)
Magnet Magazine's Top 20 Albums 2005 (Play it)
Rolling Stone Magazine's Top 50 Albums of 2005 (Play it)
CMJ's top 30 albums of 2005
SPIN Magazine's top 40 albums 2005
Entertainment Weekly's top 10 albums of 2005
Time Magazine's top albums 2005
USA Today's top albums of 2005
Stereogum readers pick top 20 albums of 2005
PopMatters year-end music lists - Top 50 Albums
zentronix: dubwise & hip-hop's best albums & songs of 2005 (Can't Stop Won't Stop author Jeff Chang)
Stylus Mag lists their top 50 albums of 2005
NPR's All Songs Considered picks their albums of 2005
Gorilla vs. Bear's Top 50 albums
Largehearted Boy's Favorite albums of 2005
The Strand (Victoria University) lists top albums of 2005
The Hype Machine lists 52 songs of 2005
Metacritic Top 25 Albums of 2005
IGN lists their best of 2005 for music (crazy categories)
Travelers Diagram Top 25 Albums of 2005
Rhapsody Radish Top 100 Albums
Triple J (Australia) Best Albums of 2005
The Evergreen (Washington St. University) picks their top 10 albums of 2005
Stylus Mag's top 50 Singles of 2005
Tufts Daily's Top 10 albums of 2005
Things I'd Rather Be Doing's Top albums of 2005's Top 10 Albums of 2005
Editors at Iowa State University's Daily Pulse each pick their top 5 albums of 2005
Kill All Artist's Top 10 albums of 2005
Poplicks' top albums
More Cowbell's Top albums of 2005
Harmonium's top albums
Almost Cool Music's top albums, top albums by readers
Seeing Black's Best of 2005
Voltage's top albums of 2005
Music for Kids Who Can't Read Good's top 25 albums for 2005
Michaelangelo Matos best albums and singles 2005
Aeki Tuesday's top albums
Fast 'n' Bulbous' top albums
Take Your Medicine's top albums
ufck's best albums of 2005
Some Velvet Blog's top 28 albums
musicOMH top albums, top singles
Chart Attack's top albums
NY Times top albums of 2005 (reviewer Jon Pareles)
Detroit Free Press' top albums
Portland Mercury's top 10 albums 2005
Inside Bay Area's Top 10 albums of 2005
Billings Gazette top albums 2005
Aspen Times' top albums 2005
San Antonio Express' top albums, top songs
Denver Post top albums
LAist's top albums
Popjournalism's Top 10 albums of 2005
The Wire's top 50 albums of 2005
Feed Me Good Tune's top albums
Static Multimedia's top albums
Zoilus' top albums 2005
Music Emissions' best albums of 2005
El Mas Chingon's favorite albums 2005
Exclaim!'s top albums of 2005
Indie Workshop's top albums
Just Add Noise's top albums
Listen Missy's top albums
Beta's top 50 Albums, top 10 songs
New Dad Balancing Act's top albums
Wireset's top 25 albums, top 25 singles
@Lex's Top Albums of 2005
Bloggedy Blog's top albums for 2005
Covalent Bond's top indie albums
Thrasher blog's top albums
The Independent's top albums
Springfield News Leader's top albums
Des Moines Register top albums
NOW Toronto Top Albums 2005
Toronto Eye Weekly top albums 2005
Wilkes-Barre Times-Leader top albums
The Orlando Sun-Sentinel picks best albums
Riverfront Times Top Albums 2005
Toronto Star's top albums
Times Dispatch top albums
Palm Beach Post's top albums
The Tennesseean's top albums
The Sacramento Bee's top albums
The Albany Times' Top Albums 2005
WOXY's top albums
Filter Magazine's Top 10's of 2005, chosen by the likes of Jason Lytle of Grandaddy, Shirley Manson of Garbage, Leslie Feist, Beck and more

Amazons Editor's Top 100 Books
The New York Times Top 10 Books of 2005
The Independent (UK) select their fave books of 2005
Meta Critic Top 25 Books of 2005's Top 10 Literary works of 2005
Mercury News lists their top works of fiction for 2005
The Independent enlists authors and reviewers to pick books of 2005
SF Chronicle lists 2005's best books
3 Quarks Daily's best books of 2005
Seattlest picks top books of the year

The American Film Institute picks the top 10 films of 2005
LA Film Critics Assn. names it's film awards for 2005
Boston Film Critics name their 2005 film awards
Salon picks their top movies of 2005
Film Threat lists Best and Worst Movies Unseen Movies of 2005
IndieWire's editors lists their top films of 2005
NY Times top movies of the year (reviewer A.O. Scott)
Cinematical's 10 best film trailers of the year
Denver Post best movies


Jerimee Bloemeke said...

this one:

drake leLane said...

ok... added yours to the list. watch it grow ;)

Anonymous said...

thanks for all the great lists.

here is one i compiled-

then click the link at the bottom. any thoughts or feedback would be cool. thanks.

drake leLane said...

I added it to the list... it's a good one. A lot in there I haven't had a chance to listen to yet (Gravenhurst, Broadcast to name a couple.)

I notice no comments on your site, or I'd have given feedback there.

The Covalent Bond said...

Hi Drake,

This is a great list and thanks for posting me and my indie list. Today I added my best of jazz list.