Thursday, November 11, 2004

GBV LP sells for 6G

A signed vinyl lp of Guided By Voices' Propeller goes for $6000 on EBAY. The initial pressings all had different hand made covers. Here's the most complete list I've seen (

$6 g's is a lot to fork out for lo-fi... sort of flies in the face of the concept, really. It cost considerably less to make the record and it's not even really their 'masterpiece' album - that of course being Bee Thousand.

“Everything fades from sight/ Because that’s all right with me.”
ending to "I Am a Scientist" from Bee Thousand

As you may or may or may not know, GBV is on their farewell tour and have been blowing folks away with their farewell kicks. I have my ticket for the last night of this 2nd leg of the tour, and am ready to pogo and sing along to the 50 + songs they'll be playing. It should be great and hopefully not the last we'll see of Robert Pollard (or Doug Gillard for that matter.)

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