Thursday, December 02, 2004

Playlist Pleasures #3

Thought I'd throw in some holiday music, and look back at a couple albums this year while I still compile my year end list.

  1. Various Artists Maybe This Christmas Tree (Nettwerk Prod) - Featuring Polyphonic Spree, Death Cab For Cutie, Pedro the Lion, and Ivy taking stabs at holiday fare. It's a mixed bag... the aforementioned artists' takes make it worthy. However, I could do without the Royal Crown Revue version of "Baby it's Cold Outside" (played straight) and when you get down to it, in this collection Lisa Loeb ("Jingle Bells") sticks out like a red-nosed reindeer in a mexican dog fight. Complete with artwork from Shag!
  2. Sufjan Stevens Seven Swans - The first of two quiet music assasins in the playlist. You don't have to believe in God to feel the power of this melodic masterpiece.
  3. Iron & Wine Our Endless Numbered Days - The second quiet masterpiece. Singer-Songwriter Sam Beam weaves together beautiful melodies and poetic, Faulkner-esqe dialogue together with a whispering voice and Nick Drake worthy guitar work.
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