Thursday, February 17, 2005

The sound of one sport napping

If a league calls off a season and there's no one around to care, does it make a lick of difference?

Seriously, how many people even remembered that the NHL season would be going on right now normally until they announced it's cancellation yesterday?

Ok, I don't follow hockey (and don't know people who do) but it really has been well below the radar and that can't be a good sign for a sport that has a major projessional league.

Here's a playlist for the cancellation of the NHL season (NHL RIP.) I find it telling that quite of few of these tracks are meant to be funny.

Excuse me, Mr Bettman, Jeff Gannon here of Talon News... I have a question.

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drake leLane said...

"Hockey" - National Lampoon
"Fried Hockey Boogie" - Canned Heat
"Ted's Got The Puck" - Ted
"Hockey Skates" - Kathleen Edwards
"Hockey Song" - Janet Panic
"Hockey Hair" - Pansy Division
"Hockey" - Jane Siberry
"Wayne Gretzky" - Goldfinger
"Hockey" - Jeff Nicholson
"Me Like Hockey" - The Arrogant Worms