Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Live foreign girls

Tonight @ Chop Suey: Brazilian Girls w/ West Indian Girl

When I first saw a sign for this I thought, what a great pairing for a tour. But I was wrong, they're not touring together, just two musical ships crossing in the night (thankfully in Seattle.)

So, leave it to the genius that is Chop Suey's booking agent (is it still Steven Severin?) to put them together.

I'm putting them together too (so somebody call me a genius, k?) - right here in this playlist. Brazilian Girls self-titled debut recently came out and, together with West Indian Girl's self-titled debut ('self-titled' a coincidence? me thinks not, 'zat!) make for a smooth and mellow-beat listening treat. Enjoy.


drake leLane said...

Foreign Girls
"Lazy Lover" - Brazilian Girls
"Hollywood" - West Indian Girl
"Don't Stop" - Brazilian Girls
"What Are You Afraid Of" - West Indian Girl
"Pussy" - Brazilian Girls
"Northern Sky" - West Indian Girl
"Homme" - Brazilian Girls

Robert 0f The Radish said...

you're a genius