Monday, April 25, 2005

Schrodinger's Drake

So, here's me trying to catch up...

J Shifty over at Ribaldry and Schmaltz has fallen upon another creative way to use Rhapsody playlists - Playlist Haiku. Simply put, that's three song titles typically with the 5,7,5 syllable structure put together in a playlist.

A new site has been set up to run with, so we'll see how it lasts. You can see my first, ahem, attempt here.

Here's a sample from my Friday Night Fights series:

The Covet Quandry
you stupid asshole
get your hands off my woman
the lure of beauty

Also, I didn't get a chance to give props to Robert of the Radish for his Desert Island piece he put together that was published in multiple places (Rhapsody Radish, FIQL and Blog Critics. )

Essentially, he had all us playalistas give him one song that we'd have with is trapped on a desert island. One song. You'll notice the Drake is the first entry... and I should mention that my choice was actually "Chan, Chan" by Buena Vista Social Club, but at the last minute, the rights for the song were pulled on Rhapsody. In my panic to get packed and out of town to my Grandfather's funeral, I told Robert to just take the next song on the album. It still works, but not quite the same. "Chan, Chan" definitely has a calming sound that goes so well with ocean waves crashing in the background.

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