Monday, May 16, 2005

Thurston's surprise guest

Thurston's surprise guest
Originally uploaded by Drake LeLane.
This is prolly in bad taste, but... Holy Cow!

Thurston's been fixed for almost 5 years now, but seems to have tapped into some doggie viagra, in the form of my parent's miniature dachshund.

He was in noticeable pain (due to over extension... yes, more then normal was extended out - yikes!) and like the ad says, if it persists for longer then 4 hours, call your physician. We just sequestered him in a dark room to calm him down and 'work' it out.

The Replacements - "Gary's Got A Boner"


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

drake that's nasty

J Shifty said...

Shoosh. Acute medical condition aside, that's one precious looking pooch.

Let's hope there were none of the other potential side effects mentioned in the ads such as oily discharge, suicidal thoughts, or increased risk of breast cancer...

drake leLane said...

ah yes... well, he's been known to have the occasional oily discharge every once and awhile.