Monday, June 20, 2005

DRAKE OUT OF TOWN! Blog left in shaky hands.

Hello, fans of Drake. I'm Dallas Hudgens, and I'll be trying to keep it all together here this week while the boss is away. Big boots to fill, seeing how Drake constantly posts fine material. First off, thank you Drake for trusting me with the keys to the blog. People don't even trust me to water their plants and feed their cats when they go out of town. So, this is a big responsibility for me. I promise to be careful, keep the vehicle in the right-hand lane, and stay under fifty-five. Last thing I want to do is run off a cliff.

I've never been a music journalist, so my skills are limited, but I'd like to maintain Drake's theme of "Life happens... and there's always a soundtrack if you look hard enough." I'll keep up Drake's 'Six Feet Under' update, with Rhapsody playlist, tomorrow. I'll also contribute to the ongoing novel soundtracks. I was reading about Chuck Klosterman's new book, "Killing Yourself to Live: 85% of a True Story," and it seemed a really good candidate for the feature, even though it's not technically a novel. In the book, Klosterman visits sites famous for hosting the last breaths of rock stars. Along the way, he has imaginary conversations with three girlfriends. I'm guessing that makes up the 15% of the story that isn't true. I ordered a copy of the book, and it should be here today. I'll put together a soundtrack for that on Thursday.

My next post will be about go-go music. Thanks for reading, and remember, Drake will be back next week.

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