Monday, June 06, 2005

Let's hug it out, bitch

Jeremy Piven as Ari in HBO's Entourage
Entourage, Episode 9 (Season 2 premiere)

The second season of Entourage premiered last night, and featured Gary Busey, Pablo Escobar, Amanda Peete and Aquaman. Of course, Jeremy Piven's Ari character (r) is still the scene-stealer ("let's hug it out, bitch!)

It also did not fail to impress with its choice of music for the soundtrack. For a show that's only 20 minutes long, they certainly go through a lot of great music.

01 - Kings of Leon "Wasted Time"
02 - The Allman Brothers "Statesboro Blues"
03 - Mos Def "Ghetto Rock"
04 - Nitty "Nasty Girl"
05 - Beck "E-Pro"
06 - Dirty Little Secret "Long Gone"
07 - Beck "E-Pro" (again)
08 - Kings Of Leon "King of the Rodeo"
09 - A Tribe Called Quest "Scenario"
10 - Muse "Time is Running Out"

Tomorrow, hopefully, we'll look at the songs of Six Feet Under's premiere.

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drake leLane said...

Entourage - Episode 9 (Rhapsody tracklisting)

* "Wasted Time" - Kings Of Leon
* "Statesboro Blues" - The Allman Brothers Band
* "Ghetto Rock" - Mos Def
* "Nasty Girl" - Nitty
* "E-Pro" - Beck
* "King Of The Rodeo" - Kings Of Leon
* "Time Is Running Out" - Muse (UK)