Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Mortality, insanity, paternity and more insanity

Rhapsody Playlist: Music from Six Feet Under, ep. 52-53

Six Feet Under
Peter Krause, HBO's Six Feet Under
Another bright and cheery story from your favorite LA Funeral home. Because last week's soundtrack was hijacked by a wedding band I begged it off, so enjoy a combo-playlist from the first two episodes from this season.

So, back to everyone's favorite HBO soap opera. The stiff this week turns out to be one of Nate's old high school buddies (Stan,) which gives a glance into his high school days - apparently they were spent with jocks who tatoo "USDA Choice" on their ass (and get fat later in life.) Apparently also not the sharpest sticks either, as ol' Stan ran himself over (how'd he do that?) and still-alive-buddy Tom fantasizes about 14-year old girls. Nate gets a chance to tell us that he's at peace with his mortality... we might have to revisit this later in the season, when some other fucked up thing happens. Brenda rolls up her sleeves and starts her internship at the free clinic, and finds she's really not ready for it (might've been the first case she hears - a child is sexually molested by her mother with a rolled-up Newsweek magazine... there's our Six Feet Under depressing moment of the week.) Ruth seems to be making it a competition as to who is crazier, her or Farmer Hoggett (George.) Ruth reacts cold or angrily to every nice gesture from Farmer Hoggett and when his daughter visits, gets a lesson in loving unconditionally. Ruth and Farmer Hoggett manage to keep her around (at least through the next episode.) Meanwhile, Rico's new girlfriend gives him an embarrassing lesson in the difference between missing and 'not interested', and Rico decides the story works better on his machismo if she's dead, so that's what he tells Vanessa to wrestle a semi-date out of her. Can't imagine this will come back to haunt him later in the season, can you? Keith suggests David ask Claire to donate some eggs for their 'lets make a baby' project and Claire is understandably spooked by being both Mum and Aunt to the child, thanks to David's undersell. Oh yea, an artistically frustrated Billy flushes his meds down the toilet. Next week - Billy go boom?

Full Tracklisings and scenes where they appear:
Episode 52: "A Coat of White Primer"
Episode 53: "Dancing For Me"

Requiem for a soap opera

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drake leLane said...

Six Feet Under - Ep 52-53

* "But Not For Me - Doris Day" - Doris Day
* "Almost Forgot Myself" - Doves
* "Aganju" - Latin Project/Bebel Gilberto
* "The Time We Lost Out Way" - Thievery Corporation with Loulou
* "Hell Is Chrome" - Wilco
* "Teach Me Tonight" - Dinah Washington
* "Holographic Universe" - Thievery Corporation
* "Back On The Chain Gang" - The Pretenders
* "Cosolation No 3" - Franz Liszt
* "Congo Habanera" - Angelique Kidjo
* "Feelin' Alright" - Traffic
* "Colors" - Amos Lee