Friday, July 15, 2005

Silkworm drummer Michael Dahlquist dies

Silkworm RIP

Sad news
Yesterday around lunch time Doug Meis, the drummer for Exo and the Dials; John Glick, the guitarist for the Returnables; and Michael Dahlquist, the drummer for Silkworm all died in a car accident in Skokie. They were coming back to work from lunch and were hit by someone speeding attempting to kill herself.

A Note from Silkworm's Tim Midgett here.

This really hit me hard today...Michael was a wonderful human being who had a lot of love for his friends and family. He ran site and always seemed to have a lot of fun doing it... quick with self-deprecating humor and respect for Silkworm's fans. I had many funny email conversations with him as I know a lot of fans did. He was the last of the band to move to Chicago from here in Seattle, and I never realized how much I missed seeing him around until I heard about his death on the radio today.

He really loved being in Silkworm and playing music (and was a great fu*king drummer!), and now it's been taken away from him, Tim & Andy, and all of us, and it's truly, truly sad.

I don't know what else to say other then I miss him terribly.

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drake leLane said...

Silkworm sampler

* "The City Glows" - Silkworm
* "Pearl Harbor" - Silkworm
* "Tarnished Angel" - Silkworm
* "Dust My Broom" - Silkworm
* "Never Met A Man I Didn't Like" - Silkworm
* "Our Secret" - Silkworm
* "Drunk" - Silkworm
* "Garden City Blues" - Silkworm
* "Little Sister" - Silkworm
* "Wet Firecracker" - Silkworm
* "It's Too Bad..." - Silkworm
* "Shithead" - Silkworm

drake leLane said...

I should also add that the last track, "Shithead," features Michael on vocals, and it's not the highest quality. He sang on couple other tracks (most recent albums,) but this is the only one in Rhapsody.