Sunday, July 17, 2005

A treat and a tribute

Here's video of Michael Dahlquist doing his own acapella version of Silkworm's "Treat the New Guy Right" from their Lifestyles lp back in 2000.

Michael took a whole day to do it, and you can see it by looking at the window as it goes from light to dark as the video cuts between the different takes. A cat in one scene disappears in the next, and Michael's excitement and enthusiasm just bubbles over.

AMG had this to say about Silkworm (who are now no more):
Continually churning out the classicist-without-being-retro goods, they hold an accomplished spot between the likes of CCR and the Minutemen. Not as famous as the former, and not as wild as the latter, but as fresh and timeless as both.
I miss Michael and I miss Silkworm. So sad.

Gerard Cosloy (Matador Records owner and sports blogger) talks about Michael
Discussion on bboards
Discussion on Electric Audio boards

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