Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Ape humanized, human animalized

Play it: Nip/Tuck Episode 3.02

This week's Nip/Tuck diverse soundtrack has Smokey Robinson, T. Raumschmiere, The Brothers Johnson, Geoffrey Oryema and Nina Simone. "Strawberry Letter #23" makes (at least) it's second tv appearance, having appeared in Six Feet Under's third to the last episode of the series (Episode 60,) which begs the question, why not use the original Shuggie Otis version?

In this week's episode we see Christian operate on an ape, and Matt go apesh*t when he finds out his girlfriend Ava (played viciously by Famke Janssen) is a transgendered male. The ape (Kiki) needs a scar fixed so her mate won't kill her, and Christian grudgingly does the job pro-bono only after seeing her more human nature. Meanwhile Matt, after hearing the news, gets all confused about gender and sexuality and finds his way to the closest watering hole for the species. There he picks up someone (Cherry) who he thinks is like Ava. After going back to her place, they make nicey-nice until he finds she's got twigs and berries where Ava had a reconstructed pomegranite, then he proceeds to smash her like he's the ape. Cue head shave and total attitude, which is knocked down a few knocks after Cherry's buff trans-friends take him down for a beating (and a most unsexy golden shower.)

The scene where the transgender/vestites beat him up was difficult for me to watch when they got to the part where they peed on him, as it brought back memories where I got beat unconscious by a gang here in Seattle (back in 11/92) and then woken to a urination party on my face. My dislocated jaw still sticks (TMJ) to this day, so I've got reminder enough, thank you.

Bad cop, goooood cop (Ep. 3.01)

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drake leLane said...

Nip-Tuck Episode 3.02

* "The Tracks Of My Tears" - Smokey Robinson & The Miracles (Marlon’s laser surgical removal of teardrop tattoos w/Quentin & Sean segue to Kiki’s scar removal w/Christian & Liz)
* "Sick Like Me " - T. Raumschmiere (Julia finds a transgender book in Matt’s bedroom)
* "If You Want It" - Scream Club (Matt smoking pot/Erica joins in/discuss Ava situation &Matt’s relationship with her)
* "Strawberry Letter 23" - The Brothers Johnson (Matt at club imagining Ava speaking to him)
* "Since I Fell For You" - Nina Simone (Matt at apartment of trans- he picked up from bar/making out/ segue to Matt beating him/her up)
* "Swan Lake - Scene" - Tchaikovsky (Christian/Sean argue during bottom-lipo surgery/Liz interrupts notifying Christian that Kumba killed Kiki post-surgery/recovery)
* "Makambo" - Geoffrey Oryema (Cherry and trans gang chase Matt/gang members chase Marlon segue to simultaneous beatings of both)
* "Come Inside" - The Chemical Brothers (from promos for next week's episode)

Paul Irish said...

love love your blog.. but i do wish your links werent all to rhapsody.. :(

drake leLane said...

Thanks... I enjoy aurgasm as well, and I'm not just faking it (bet you've heard that one before.)

On the playlist front it's all logistics, I'm afraid.

If I did any other method of playlist posting (iTunes, Yahoo!,) it would take so long that I wouldn't be able to post but once a week or so. These other methods take so much longer and aren't so reliable (and, for the most part, don't have as good a selection.)

I'd probably pull one song a post as an mp3 (in addition to the Rhapsody playlist) if I had a way to host it... for now I just occasionally point folks to mp3's hosted by others.

I just think eventually Rhapsody will be more prevalent everywhere, and then the point will be mute ;)