Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Grey's = ER + OC?

Play it: Grey's Anatomy Season 1
Play it: Grey's Anatomy Ep. 2.01 (Season Premiere)

Another television soundtrack was released today, one for the still relatively new (only 10 episodes so far) drama, Grey's Anatomy. Like The O.C., the show relies heavliy on a indie music soundtrack, only this one is definitely more for the ladies. Tegan & Sara, Jem, The Dittie Bops, Rilo Kiley, The Cardigans, Vaughan Penn, Nellie Mckay, Rosie Thomas (etc.,) and the theme song is by Psapp. Of course, sprinkled in there is some chic-approved male vocals like Wilco and Iron & Wine.

The second season premiered Sunday night (first season was a half one,) and already we're faced with more soap opera-like plotlines ("my boyfriend's married?" "should I, or shouldn't I have the baby?") but also mixes in some interesting character studies.

While it takes place in Seattle, the only Emerald City you see (like Frasier) is setup shots of the Seattle skyline, as the whole of it is filmed in Vancouver B.C. (maybe that's why there's so much Tegan & Sara in the soundtrack, as Tegan's a Vancouverite.)

Which reminds me... does anyone remember Medicine Ball? The short-lived (only 9 episodes) FOX hospital drama from 1995 starred a young Donal Logue (The Tao of Steve, Grounded For Life, Jimmy the cab driver) as an eager Irish intern and was actually shot in Seattle (at the old Sandpoint Naval Base.) Perhaps my memories bad, but it seems like it was ahead of it's time (aside from the surgeon who played guitar in a rock band at night - it's Seattle, dude.)

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drake leLane said...

Grey's Anatomy Season 1

* "Cosy In The Rocket" - Psapp
* "Portions For Foxes " - Rilo Kiley
* "Super Cool" - BANG sugar BANG
* "They" - Jem
* "Ready To Rise" - Vaughan Penn
* "Life is short" - Butterfly Boucher
* "You Wouldn't Like Me" - Tegan and Sara
* "Sister Kate" - The Ditty Bops
* "Live And Learn" - The Cardigans
* "Wait" - Get Set Go
* "Somewhere Only We Know" - Keane
* "There's A Girl" - The Ditty Bops
* "I Won't Be Left" - Tegan and Sara
* "Wishful Thinking" - The Ditty Bops
* "Fools Like Me" - Lisa Loeb
* "Could Be Anything" - The Eames Era
* "Let Myself Fall" - Rosie Thomas
* "Truth" - Vaughan Penn
* "Where Does the Good Go" - Tegan and Sara
* "Wake Up" - The Ditty Bops
* "Evil" - Interpol
* "Edge Of The Ocean" - Ivy
* "Save Me" - Jem
* "Walk Or Ride" - The Ditty Bops
* "Never Leave Your Heart Alone" - Butterfly Boucher
* "Wish I" - Jem
* "Downtown" - Tegan and Sara
* "Hummingbird" - Wilco
* "Fix You Up" - Tegan and Sara
* "David" - Nellie Mckay
* "Big As The Sky" - A.M. Sixty
* "End of the World Party" - Medeski Martin & Wood
* "The Dog Song" - Nellie Mckay
* "Naked As We Came" - Iron & Wine
* "Whatever Gets You Through Today" - The Radio

drake leLane said...

Grey's Anatomy Episode 2.01

* "Cosy In The Rocket" - Psapp
* "I Want Candy" - Bow Wow Wow
* "Step Away From The Cliff" - Blue-eyed Son
* "Looking At The World From The Bottom Of A Well" - Mike Doughty
* "Everyday Is a Holiday (With You)" - Esthero
* "Feel So Free" - Ivy