Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Hold Steady playing 7th period

Play it: The Hold Steady

Not since The Langley Schools Music Project have I been so jealous of kids in school.

The Hold Steady will perform a live acoustic set during seventh period October 25, in Littleton, Colorado's Littleton High School gymnasium. (Pitchfork) The show is for a program at LHS Freshman Academy, one dedicated to aiding ESL, Special Education, and emotionally troubled freshmen in the transition from middle school to high school.

Instructor Thom Uhl, heard the Hold Steady on this NPR All Things Considered piece, and Separation Sunday's theme of a teen girl in torn between the allure of drugs and sex and the pull of her Catholic upbringing struck a chord w/ what he's trying to do there. In anticipation of the show, their making a Hold Steady advent calendar and holding a Hold Steady look-a-like contest.

Meanwhile, Target made some small films with Bloc Party, the 22-20s, British Sea Power, and The Hold Steady, making their acting debut in the final installment playing at, you guessed it, a high school gymnasium (the song "Stevie Nix.")

But wait... there's more, The Hold Steady has been written into a future episode of Lost, to be appearing in October. I still haven't gotten my mind around that one.

The Hold Steady on NPR's All Things Considered And checkout the lyric examination of the songs for "Swish," "Chicago Seemed Tired Last Night" and "Cattle and the Creeping Things"
Target's Odds Against 7 Even films

Woke up in the grass in the assless chaps (Craig Finn's previous band, Lifter Puller)

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drake leLane said...

The Hold Steady sampler

* "Your Little Hoodrat Friend" - The Hold Steady
* "The Swish" - The Hold Steady
* "Cattle and the Creeping Things" - The Hold Steady
* "Chicago Seemed Tired Last Night" - The Hold Steady
* "Stevie Nix" - The Hold Steady
* "Most People Are DJ's" - The Hold Steady
* "Charlemagne In Sweatpants" - The Hold Steady
* "Knuckles" - The Hold Steady
* "How a Resurrection Really Feels" - The Hold Steady