Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Pain in my blog

Play it: DeQuervain's Disease

Ok, I've got this ridiculous condition called DeQuervain's Disease, which is essentially, a nasty form of tendonitis of the thumb/wrist. It's an inflammation of the sheath or tunnel that surrounds two tendons that control movement of the thumb, and is a subset of what's called Stenosing tenosynovitis (sounds like a great name for a Swedish Prog Rock band, ala Dungen) Basically, sometimes when I move my thumb, the tendons get stuck in a sub-tunnel while moving across the interior of my wrist. It's like a knife cutting my wrist every time it happens (about 20-30 times a day.)

I got a shot of steroids and this mammoth brace in hopes that it heals w/o surgery - but Doc gives me an 80% chance that I'll be under the knife (due to the severity of the tendon snap - you can even hear it when it happens!) so I've got that to look forward to.

So what am I doing with a disorder that used to be called washerwoman's sprain and more lately is being called baby wrist due to it's frequency with new mothers?

Well, it's also common with musicians, construction workers, fly fisherman, and computer users as well, and I'm battin' .500 there. But truthfully, it's really baby wrist, as it's mostly from carrying my pride and joy the wrong way (like this... and like this... and like this.)

So let this be a lesson to all mad-bloggers out there looking to have and hold their own lil' baby... let the Mom do it! j/k... actually, you can probably avoid it by not acting as a human Johnny Jump Up... that's hell on the wrists, bro.

Drummers/massage therapists get it too...

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drake leLane said...

DeQuervain's Disease

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