Monday, September 26, 2005

Tomorrow's a Big day

Play it: The Big Star Story
Play it: Big Star Covered

Two big things tomorrow.

First, Big Star releases their first studio album in nearly thirty years, and in anticipation, I thought I'd do a quick rundown of the band's rich history. But while I was putting it togethert, I noticed Freeway Jam already put together a very complete one back in May, and this playlist goes very well with it. I also the band in a snapshot from the Power Pop Pioneers post (also in May, just a few days prior.)

Alex Chilton's recent brush with Hurricane Katrina in his adopted home of New Orleans will make for an interesting story that hopefully will get both new and old releases some more attention.

The only thing I'd add to Freeway Jam's excellent profile and my previous snapshot, would be that Teenage Fanclub was the backing band for Big Star's reunion tour in Europe, and, like The Posies, adeptly covered a Big Star-related song (Chilton's "Free Again") prior to getting the call from Uncle Alex.

The new album, In Space, so far is getting lukewarm revues, as it appears to be less a Big Star album, then an Alex Chilton solo album, in scope and feel.

What's the other big thing tomorrow? Let's just say I'm getting old.

Alex Chilton missing
Power Pop 1966-1978 - Pioneers

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drake leLane said...

The Big Star Story

* "The Letter" - The Box Tops
* "Feel" - Big Star
* "In The Street" - Big Star
* "Thirteen" - Big Star
* "O My Soul" - Big Star
* "Back Of A Car" - Big Star
* "September Gurls" - Big Star
* "Mod Lang" - Big Star
* "Motel Blues" - Big Star
* "You And Your Sister" - Chris Bell
* "Thank You Friends" - Big Star
* "Jesus Christ" - Big Star
* "Kangaroo" - Big Star
* "Song Intro" - Alex Chilton
* "Bangkok" - Alex Chilton
* "I Am The Cosmos" - The Posies
* "Free Again" - Teenage Fanclub
* "Back Of A Car" - Big Star
* "September Gurls" - Big Star
* "Oogum Boogum" - Alex Chilton

drake leLane said...

Big Star Covered

* "I Am The Cosmos" - The Posies
* "September Gurls" - The Bangles
* "Holocaust" - Son Volt
* "Free Again" - Teenage Fanclub
* "You And Your Sister" - This Mortal Coil
* "I'm In Love With a Girl" - David Kitt
* "Back Of A Car" - Gin Blossoms
* "Thirteen" - Elliott Smith
* "Holocaust" - This Mortal Coil
* "In The Street" - Cheap Trick
* "Kanga-Roo" - Jeff Buckley
* "I Am The Cosmos" - This Mortal Coil

uao said...

I was completely unaware of this release; I heard it here first.

While I'm skeptical of new "Big Star" recordings, given the absence of Bell and Chilton's strange odessey over the last 30 years, I'm also a fan and an optimist.

Thanks for the new information, and the mention; and one more item on my to-buy-beg-borrow-or-steal list.

drake leLane said...

The fact that In Space is more an Alex Chilton solo album then a Big Star vehicle is unfortunately both predictable and disappointing.