Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Free Nellie

Play it: Nellie McKay Rumor Has It - Songs from the Motion Picture

Today was supposed to see the release of Nellie McKay's anticipated sophomore release Pretty Little Head, but a few things happened in the last couple months to end that.

Much like Fiona Apple, Nellie McKay found herself fighting with Columbia records over the release of her latest album. McKay had started to work out an agreement to get some version of the album (23-song, 65-minute versiom possibly trimmed for a 16-song, 48-minute version) when Sony Music (Columbia's owner) underwent a corporate restructure, and the boss man left to be replaced by Fiona Apple's label's (Epic's) old boss, after which she was told no version of her album would be released at all. So now McKay finds herself label-less and without rights to her album (NY Times today.)

The album, sent to in advance to many reviewers, has already gotten both great and mixed reviews. Her combination of showtunes, jazz with hip-hop and social commentary has been turned up a notch with this release. Blender calls it an "indie music comedy" where McKay is found "connecting Tin Pan Alley to Ben Folds and De La Soul."

Unfortunately, there's no Free Nellie site out there so far, drumming the charge for Nellie like there was for Fiona. (Someone better get on that.)

While Nellie licks her wounds and tries to recoup her songs from Columbia, another Nellie McKay release snuck in today. McKay contributed several songs to the Jennifer Aniston vehicle Rumor Has It, and they made there way into Rhapsody today. McKay also soon begins her Broadway debut acting on the stage with Alan Cumming, Ana Gasteyer and Cyndi Lauper in a new production of Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht's "The Threepenny Opera."

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