Sunday, January 15, 2006

Laughing at the sky

Play it: "Losing Streak" The Eels

A total of thre god-awful Seattle-centric streaks ended this weekend. First and foremost: The streak of days of rainfall ends at 27 days. Yes, today we had no rain (Eli laughs at the sky to the left.) So what do we do to follow that? We start another streak (10-day forecast calls for rain/showers each day.)

Also, my alumni (University of Washington) finally beat UCLA in Pauley Pavilion. The last time that happened, I was a senior in High School (let's just say it's been awhile - they'd only won twice in 42 games.) In addition, the Seahawks ended their playoff losing streak... 21 years without a playoff win, and they did it without the league MVP (RB Shaun Alexander.) With Carolina's victory yesterday, that pits Robert of the Radish's Panthers against my Seahawks.

A confession: I don't follow football too much (but have to tabs on it for for my job,) and as a testament to that, I give up the following. Even if my beloved city's Seahawks go to the Superbowl (and it all depends on this,) I won't be watching. You see, my half-bro is getting married in Puera Vallerta that week and I'll be flying home around the time of the big game. Normally, we'd be going to the annual Trailer-Trash Superbowl Party, complete with muscle shirts, tall boys and tater-tot casserole, and that spectacle is truly what I'll be missing.

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Robert 0f The Radish said...

Congrats on your Seahawks Drake. I'm sorry you'll have to face the Panthers for the Championship. I know with all the rain you Seattlites are already depressed. There is always next year.

How about a friendly wager.

If I win, you must create a playlist that is an "Ode to the Carolinas" that reflects our superior place in the nation.

If you win, I will create a Seattle-worshipping list.

Let me know.

drake leLane said...

Ok... sounds like fun.

Maybe I'll even watch some of the game...