Thursday, February 23, 2006

Kite gets Smooshed

Play it: Head Like a Kite Random Portraits of the Home Movie
Download: "Noisy at the Circus" (feat. Asya from Smoosh) (Pattern 25)

I was checking out the band Head Like a Kite today, not knowing anything about them other then having heard the name somewhere before, when the nifty song "Noisy at the Circus" came up, and heard the distinct voice of 13-year old Asya from the sister band Smoosh. Turns out Head Like a Kite is Dave Einmo, guitarist for local band Sushirobo.

Recorded by Brian Deck (Iron & Wine, Modest Mouse, Red Red Meat) in Chicago, Random Portraits samples from Einmo's old Super 8 home movies and wires his keyboards into a collection of old, analog guitar effects for a disjointed, yet organic original sound. Some of it comes across as Kraftwerk-like experimental journeys ("Tell Mommy You Want a Sip of Beer,") while elsewhere it's more straight ahead indie guitar power pop ("Noisy at the Circus.")

For those not initiated into the phenomenon of Smoosh, they're a Seattle-based sister duo, ages 11 and 13, who play endearingly happy (and sloppy) indie rock. Jason McGerr (now drummer for Death Cab for Cutie,) was 8-year old Chloe's teacher and suggested she play with other musicians to get an idea of how percussion works in rock, so she went home and nabbed her 10-year old sister keyboardist/singer-songwriter sister Asya and Smoosh was born. They're wonderful 2004 debut She Like Electric (on Pattern 25 records, like Head like a Kite,) is in Rhapsody and worth your listen (below.) They've finished recording their new album (as of 01/10/06,) showing amazing balance between middle school and indie rock.

Play it: Smoosh She Like Electric
Download: "Massive Cure" (Pattern 25)

Also, you have to check out their video that made rotation on MTV2 last year, if for no other reason then to see some of the cheesiest clay animation ever (and, of course, Asya and Chloe rocking 'Musicland.')

Video: "La Push" (Quicktime)

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