Tuesday, February 14, 2006

My obligatory V-Day post

Play it: Conversation Hearts

So love is in the air... I'm feeling it. Buying my chocolates, thinking of my sweetie-pie, anticipating putting my son to sleep tonight, etc. That's all you need to know.

I put the above playlist together last year, but never bothered to post on it for some reason. Looking back now, it just might be one the best playlists I've ever done. Certainly not a romantic one, but...any playlist that can get Billie Holiday, Drive-By Truckers, Prince, David Bowie, King's X, Blondie, Syd Barrett, Of Montreal, Buddy Holly, Yaz and Beat Happening all together under one tent deserves some sort of pat on the back, even if it's my own hand doing the patting ;)

(The RealGuide is using it today as a Rhapsody.com featured playlist.)

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drake leLane said...

Conversation Hearts

* "Call Me" - Blondie
* "Be Mine" - David Gray
* "My Baby" - The Pretenders
* "Cutie Pie" - Of Montreal
* "Love Me" - Buddy Holly
* "It's Love" - King's X
* "I'm Sorry" - The Hothouse Flowers
* "Marry Me" - Drive-By Truckers
* "My Man" - Billie Holiday
* "Only You" - Yaz
* "I'm Yours" - Prince
* "Love You" - Syd Barrett
* "Real Love" - The Doobie Brothers
* "Get Real" - David Bowie
* "Let's Kiss" - Beat Happening
* "Sweet Talk" - Don & Dewey
* "Love Bug" - Marcy Playground
* "Be My Icon" - Duran Duran
* "Hold Me" - Fleetwood Mac
* "Be Good" - Hothouse Flowers

MJAPA said...

This is a pretty great play list. I started a V-Day mix, but didn't get it done in time. It may become a travel mix to give to Jon for his trip to OZ on Fri.

drake leLane said...

Hey thanks... I believe it's perfect length for a CD-R (with room for another, even... say Prince's "Kiss"?)