Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Boy most likely to get cut open

Play it: James Blunt "So Long, Jimmy"

I know what you're saying... Drake, why's that cheeky chap Blunt on your blog today? Well, I was at the concert last night (reviewing opening band The Boy Least Likely To,) and I gotta tell you, a thousand screaming girls can be wrong.

Anyway, this is the song he opened with (and one of only four I heard before surgically removing myself from the building,) and for some reason, I kind of liked it, in spite of myself. And besides that, the female to male ratio was unbeatable.

But the purpose of this post is to warn you I might be out for a couple days... I'm finally getting surgery on my thumb/wrist (deQuervain’s Tendinitis.) Hopefully some decent painkillers will be made available.

A bit later, I'll have a real post on The Boy Least Likely To... was waiting for the album to drop in Rhapsody today and was sorely disappointed to see it not make the initial cut. What wasn't disappointing was their performance.

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J Shifty said...

Good luck and a speedy, smooth recovery to you, captain.

drake leLane said...

thank you... so far so smooth.

not so sure on the speedy part yet...