Monday, April 10, 2006

Hillbilly heroin holiday

Play it: Surgery, Stitches, Pills & Scars

I'm still in recovery mode here, and limited on my keyboard activity, which is eating me up with so much great music getting dropped into Rhapsody recently (of note is much of GBV's back catalogue on Scat Records.)

On some fabulous pain meds and will definitely have plenty left over when I'm through for those 'emergency' situations that pop up now and then. Plenty of oxycodone (originally prescribed,) and hydrocodone (filled when the itching got to be too much,) I'm all set.

I'm weaning myself off the hillbilly heroin now, so my head's still pretty foggy, I'm drinking water like it's an endless fountain in the Sahara, and I'm seriously backed up (I almost need the pain meds just to make it through a bowel movement.)

Too much information? I can always blame it on the meds...

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drake leLane said...

Surgery, Stitches, Pills and Scars

* "Surgery" - Helmet
* "In Stitches" - Guided By Voices
* "Bandages" - Hot Hot Heat
* "Oxycotin" - El-P feat. Central Services
* "Bandages & Scars" - Son Volt
* "Painkiller" - Judas Priest

MJAPA said...

Good golly! I hope you feel better soon and get your hand use back. (If only for purely selfish reasons as I look so forward to your posts and recaps!) :-)