Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Inventors of the Accu-jack

Play it: The Coup "ShoYoAss"
Play it: Pigeonhead "Battle Flag"
Play it: Prince "Sexuality"
(Play all)
Last time for you to show yo ass, they ain't handing out no mo cash
- "ShoYoAss" The Coup
I've been diggin' on The Coup's latest album, Pick A Bigger Weapon, specifically the track "ShoYoAss," which is a Prince-like funk jam (ala Andre 3000.) Rapper Boots Riley even quotes Prince's "Sexuality" in the call to action near the end, with Boots changing the march orders a little to fall in line with The Coup's political message:

"Sexuality" - Reproduction of a new breed, Leaders - stand up, organize! (full lyrics)
"ShoYoAss" - This introduction of a new breed of leader, stand up, organize.

Not sure what the new breed of leader has to do with the showing of one's posterior, but my posterior can't stop shaking when I hear the song, so, as they say, free your mind and the ass will follow.

Of course, The Coup isn't the first to pay homage to "Sexuality," that honor goes to the great Pigeonhed, who were the Seattle duo of producer extraordinaire Steve Fisk and soulful vocalist Shawn Smith. The song "Battle Flag" was their one and only hit (of sorts) and it utilized Prince's entire "Sexuality" rap in the song. The track, which would also play prominently in a season three episode of The Sopranos ("Mr. Ruggerio's Neighborhood",) was retooled by the Lo Fidelity Allstars (also entitled "Battle Flag," not in Rhapsody,) and became a hit in the UK (after an actual sample from "Sexuality was removed.)

I'm still lamenting that "Sexuality" is only a 30-second sample track in the subscription, as it's probably (along with "D.M.S.R.") my favorite Prince song to be ignored in any greatest hits compilation (and ignored in his purple one's live shows.)

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