Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Dulli lights Leary's fire

Play it: Rescue Me Seasons 1-2
Play it: Rescue Me (Original Television Soundtrack)

In coordination with tonight's season three premiere of FX's Rescue Me, Nettwerk Records releases a soundtrack album with music featured on the television drama. Any show that uses The Von Bondies' "C'mon, C'mon" as a theme can't be too bad, and throw in a lot of Greg Dulli and Ray Lamontagne in the moody end credits and you've got the beginnings of an interesting compilation.

I've compiled nearly every song featured on the show in the first two seasons, and you'll note looking at the tracks on the release that several on the soundtrack have yet to be heard. Which means, in theory, this season will feature songs from Wolf Parade and the amazing new Twilight Singers album, Powder Burns. Why so much Greg Dulli (The Twilight Singers, Afghan Wigs)? Creator/actor Dennis Leary is a buddy of Dulli going way back, and Leary's especially been stumping for Dulli's art a lot this year (stereogum.)
Leary plugs Twilight Singers on The Daily Show (end of clip below)

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Shawn Anderson said...

Rescue Me - Seasons 1-2

1. "C'mon C'mon" The Von Bondies Theme to "Rescue Me"
2. "Under Pressure" David Bowie (with Queen) Used for season 1 promos
3. "Don't Panic" Coldplay Episode 1.01 - Guts
4. "Stronger Than Dirt" Tom McRae Episode 1.02 - Gay
5. "When All is Said and Done" Tyrone Wells Episode 1.04 - DNA
6. "Chasing Dreams" Magnet Episode 1.05 - Orphans
7. "Karaoke Soul" Tom McRae Episode 1.07 - Butterfly
8. "All I Can Do" Tyrone Wells Episode 1.08 - Inches
9. "I'll Be Your Man" The Black Keys Episode 1.09 - Alarm
10. "Just A Dream" Griffin House Episode 1.12 - Leaving
11. "Fell On Bad Days" Rubyhorse Episode 1.13 - Sanctuary
12. "Burn" Ray Lamontagne Episode 2.01 - Voicemail
13. "Trouble" Ray Lamontagne Episode 2.02 - Harmony
14. "The Widow" Mars Volta Episode 2.03 - Balls
15. "I Want You" Cobra Verde Episode 2.04 - &#!&
16. "Hallelujah" Ryan Adams Episode 2.05 - Sensitivity
17. "Let Forever Be" The Chemical Brothers Re-Cap/Credits
18. "I Shall Believe" Sheryl Crow Episode 2.08 - Believe
19. "Pussywillow" Greg Dulli Episode 2.09 - Rebirth
20. "Run" Snow Patrol Episode 2.10 - Brains
21. "Make It Up" Ben Kweller Episode 2.11 - Bitch
22. "All The Wild Horses" Ray Lamontagne Episode 2.12 - Happy
23. "Fell On Bad Days" Rubyhorse Episode 2.13 - Justice
24. "Follow You Down" The Twilight Singers Episode 2.13 - Justice

Shawn Anderson said...

Rescue Me (Original Television Soundtrack)

1. C'Mon C'Mon
Artist: The Von Bondies
2. Devil
Artist: Stereophonics
3. I'll Be Your Man
Artist: The Black Keys
4. Bonnie Brae
Artist: The Twilight Singers
5. All The Wild Horses
Artist: Ray LaMontagne
6. Shine A Light
Artist: Wolf Parade
7. Karaoke Soul
Artist: Tom McRae
8. Love Is Blindess
Artist: The Devlins feat. Sharon Corr
9. Fell On Bad Days
Artist: Rubyhorse
10. Wipe That Smile Off Your Face
Artist: Our Lady Peace
11. Open Heart Surgery
Artist: The Brian Jonestown Massacre
12. Oh Yeah
Artist: The Subways
13. Pussywillow
Artist: Greg Dulli
14. Just A Dream
Artist: Griffin House

Anonymous said...

i forget on the season finale of season one or two where tommy and his brother deal with a priest, and tommys brother ends up arresting the priest, they play a song during the the last few min. of the episode. my question is who sings that song and what was it called?

Shawn Anderson said...

Episode 2.10 is where they confront and eventually arrest the brother priest (not a season finale) and the song is Snow Patrol's "Run"

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