Thursday, May 18, 2006

In hot water yesterday

Play it: "Water in the Basement" Bitter, Bitter Weeks

Hot water heater busted yesterday and now the basement smells like a damp diaper (a smell we were already quite familiar with.)

Discovered a couple things... water heaters typically only last about 10 years or so, and decent ones cost a lot of money.

Pictured is Bob Vila's disection, and playing in the background is producer Brian McTear's band excellent band Bitter, Bitter Weeks. He originally performed the song ("Water in the Basement") with his mid-90's band The Marinernine, but I prefer this more folksy update on the song.

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Heidi said...

Oh man. At least this heinous act happened now rather than later considering what lies ahead this summer...

drake leLane said...

yeah... we're going to be sleeping down there this summer, so it's good that it's already mostly dry down there now.