Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Last night's Gilmorepalooza

Play it: Gilmore Girls - Season 1
Download: Sonic Youth "What a Waste"

Last night was the sixth season finale for The Gilmore Girls, and they ended on a high note for creator Amy Sherman-Palladino, who (with her executive producer husband Daniel Palladino,) is saying goodbye to the show. While I can't say I was a fan, their attention to music on the show cannot be denied, and it will be interesting to see if the new braintrust continues their dedication to music. Not only did they have a lot of music on the show, they also casted musicians in recurring roles. Sebastian Bach, Sam Phillips and Grant Lee Phillips all had recurring roles, but it was GL Phillips' role as local troubador that had a lot to do with last night's extravaganza.

Phillips' character gets discovered by Neil Young and is picked up to open on his tour, so all these musical acts flood the fictional town of Stars Hollow, CT, to get discovered next. Appearing last night were Sonic Youth, Joe Pernice, Yo La Tengo, Sparks, and Sam Phillips. Sonic Youth played "Wasted Again" from their new album Rather Ripped (due in June,) and featured Thurston and Kim's daughter Coco on bass. Coco's so cute!

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drake leLane said...

Gilmore Girls - Season 1

* "Where You Lead" - Carole King
* "There She Goes" - The La's
* "Where The Colors Don't Go" - Sam Phillips
* "I Try" - Macy Gray
* "I'm The Man Who Murdered Love" - XTC
* "I Don't Know How To Say Goodbye To You" - Sam Phillips
* "Man! I Feel Like A Woman!" - Shania Twain
* "We Are Family" - Sister Sledge
* "My Darling" - Wilco
* "Truly, Truly" - Grant Lee Buffalo
* "Time Bomb" - Rancid
* "What A Wonderful World" - Louis Armstrong
* "Happy Birthday" - Altered Images
* "Why Does It Always Rain On Me?" - Travis
* "This Old House" - Brian Setzer Orchestra
* "Someone To Watch Over Me" - Rickie Lee Jones
* "Fade Into You" - Mazzy Star
* "Mixed Bizness" - Beck
* "Thirteen" - Big Star
* "We're All Light" - XTC
* "Christmas Wrapping" - The Waitresses
* "Happy Xmas (War is Over)" - John Lennon
* "Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town" - Tony Bennett
* "Earn Enough For Us" - XTC
* "Walk Like An Egyptian" - Bangles
* "Hero Takes A Fall" - Bangles
* "Eternal Flame" - The Bangles
* "I'm Gonna Make You Love Me" - The Jayhawks
* "Johnny Angel (Single Version)" - Shelley Fabares
* "Flower Girl From Bordeaux" - Esquivel
* "Mockingbirds" - Grant Lee Buffalo
* "Heavenly" - Grant-Lee Phillips
* "Oh My Love" - John Lennon
* "What Do I Do" - Sam Phillips
* "Ms. Jackson" - OutKast
* "The Crystal Lake" - Grandaddy
* "Where It's At" - Beck
* "It's The Life" - Grant Lee Buffalo
* "Honey Don't Think" - Grant Lee Buffalo
* "Everybody Needs A Little Sanctuary" - Grant Lee Buffalo
* "Sadness Soot" - Grant-Lee Phillips
* "How To Dream" - Sam Phillips
* "One Line" - PJ Harvey

MJAPA said...

I loved this so much! It was the best, but I did NOT like the last scene. GASP! What was she thinking? I just pray they don't go all Friends and have Luke show up and be ready to marry her the next morning like they did with the "We were on a break" thing with Ross and Rachel.
(Yup, I watch too much TV)

Stake said...

Fantastic show,In last scene of this show Lorelai and Rory are seated at Luke's Diner for an early breakfast before Rory must leave for her first job after graduating from Yale.Really gr8 scene.I watched Gilmore Girls Episodes for a few years and i loved it!!