Monday, June 19, 2006

If the sea was beer instead of salty water

Play it: Itinerary 21.06.06 to 07.07.06
Play it: "Galway Bay" Johnny Cash

We're on our way to Ireland Wednesday!

My old friend and bandmate Mike is getting married this coming weekend, which is the impetus for the travel. It will be great to see him again (was in town last year for the film he directed at SIFF,) and help him celebrate his big day, but we're also excited to be taking in the countryside. Mike's been a working Irish fiddle player in Galway, Ireland for the past 9 years (also moonlighting in the band Agiven,) which is no small feat, considering the Irish, while the friendliest of nations, aren't keen on foreigners doing their work for them. It's a safe bet that he's the only Chinese-American fiddle player working in Ireland.

We'll be spending time in Galway, Tipperary, Carlow, Dublin, Bath, Cardiff, Brecon Beacons National Park, Oxford and London. I don't know why I'm surprised, but yes there is a song to represent Brecon Beacons ("Brecon Beacons" by Supergrass,) so it's a pretty complete itinerary playlist.

Needless to say, my posts will be intermittent at best...

I've thrown in the Johnny Cash version of "Galway Bay" (different song entirely from The Clancy Bros. amusing drinking song) because it's from the recently released Personal File album, and I've only recently had the chance to give it a fair listen. I'd stayed away because of the recent onslaught of Cash recordings coming out (he's getting Tupac'd) but it is an interesting release. Really though, Cash could've sung just about anything and given it an interesting perspective just with his delivery.

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drake leLane said...

Itinerary 21.06.06 to 07.07.06

* "Galway Bay" - Clancy Brothers/The Dubliners
* "Tipperary Far Away" - Clancy Brothers/Tommy Makem
* "Follow Me Up To Carlow" - Young Dubliners
* "Dublin" - The Chieftains
* "Bath" - Bjork
* "Cardiff" - Ugly Duckling
* "Brecon Beacons" - Supergrass
* "Oxford Town" - Bob Dylan
* "London Town" - Donovan