Thursday, July 13, 2006

I wanna be your Corin Tucker

Play it: Sleater-Kinney Farewell
Play it: Sleater-Kinney Parts (Heavens to Betsy, Excuse 17, Quasi)

Man... I leave the country for just 17 days and Sleater-Kinney breaks up? Two weeks ago it was announced that S-K were going on indefinite hiatus. I suppose indefinite hiatus is a more realistic way to say you're breaking up with the option to reuinite, like many bands are doing these days. Corin Tucker confessed that they were essentially broken up before making their last album, last year's tour de force The Woods. It was excitement around the song "Entertain," though, that had them bearing down for one last go at it, and thank goodness, as it's by my ears (and many others) their best album (certainly their loudest!) Quite a way to go out.

So how do you sum up an 11-year career in 15 songs? I'm sure every fan has their own list, but here's mine (note, All Hands on the Bad One isn't Rhapvailable for some reason - but the song "Ballad of a Ladyman" is through a Kill Rock Stars comp, thus included.)

Sleater-Kinney play their last two shows ever (in theory) in Portland, August 11th and 12th.

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drake leLane said...

Sleater-Kinney Farewell

* "A Real Man"
* "Call The Doctor"
* "I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone"
* "I'm Not Waiting"
* "Dig Me Out"
* "Words And Guitar"
* "Little Babies"
* "Start Together"
* "Get Up"
* "Ballad Of A Ladyman"
* "Combat Rock"
* "The Fox"
* "What's Mine Is Yours"
* "Jumpers"
* "Rollercoaster"

drake leLane said...

Parts to S-K

* "Nothing Can Stop Me" - Heavens To Betsy
* "The Drop Dead Look" - Excuse 17
* "Which Side Are You On, Colonel?" - Quasi