Tuesday, July 25, 2006

People are leaving

Some odds and ends from the news world today that have tickled my curiosity bone:

The Concretes' lead singer Victoria Bergsman has quit the band. (NME) Bergsman, it's reported, is pursuing a solo career. Despite losing probably their most identifying feature, the band plans to go on as before, already writing new material for an album. Can you imagine this song with another singer? I guess the Target ad has made Bergsman realize she's a commodity.

Band of Horses co-founder Mat Brooke has left the band. Brooke, who formed the band with fellow Carissa's Wierd member Ben Bridwell, had been the lead singer and songwriter of Carissa's Wierd, but took a backseat to Bridwell's lead in Band of Horses. In their recent Letterman appearance, Brooke was nowhere to be seen, so today's announcement explains that abscence. Has Bridwell's songwriting and vocal prowess caused some jealousy? Has Bridwell gone from background guy to ego-driven lead dude? No word yet on the reasons for Brooke's departure, only conjecture.

Meanwhile, in non-music leavings, Harold Reynolds was just mysteriously fired from ESPN. He's been there 11-years and is far from controversial (aside from taking players' sides whenever possible) and was thought to be there through the next 8-years. I miss him already on Baseball Tonight, but perhaps the M's can ditch Dave 'Ego' Henderson or Dave 'Check for a heartbeat' Valle and pick up Reynolds in the booth. He was a fan favorite here during his playing days and would be a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stagnant sound booth. (Play "Lament for Harold".)

And finally, did anyone else here about the Steely Dan open letter to Luke Wilson? Apparently they're accusing his brother Owen of stealing a character from their song "Cousin Dupree" as the inspiration for the mess that is You, Me & Dupree. Say the grammy-winners "Instant karma is a fact, Jack. So you spaced out little bro is generating some MAJOR harsh-ass karma for himself by f*cking us over like this." They then ask Luke to persuade his bro to come down to a concert and apologize in front of the fans... and if that doesn't happen... then the threat:
there are some pretty heavy people who are very upset about this whole thing, and we can't guarantee what kind of heat little Owen may be bringing down on himself ... for example there's this guy that works for us sometimes ... one time we saw this guy, with his bare hands, do something so unspeakable, that - but, hey man, let's not even let it get that way, you know?
Creepy...but funny regardless if true or not... no word on whether 'little Owen' made it to the concert or not, but if his nose is broken, it might be a good thing.

Steely Dan Iron Fists Older Wilson (Billboard blog)

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Anonymous said...

That letter from Steely Dan is hilarious. I would never guess that they were serious, the re-created hotel stationary is a dead giveaway.

drake leLane said...

You're right... News sites are picking up the story, so it's working pretty well.

I assume the Wilson bros. are in on the gag (somewhat.)

drake leLane said...

A lot of news sites!