Thursday, August 24, 2006

Broken beats but break-beat kind of broken drum & bass

Play it: "Reggae Merengue" by Tommy McCook & The Supersonics

Hey kiddies... there's a brand new Lily Allen video for "LDN" (second version):

The opening sequence takes place in Rough Trade Records (which I visited whilst I was in London earlier this summer.) Notice the change to 'Tough Grade' to avoid any MTV censorship on brands. Some folks are already griping that they like the old lo-fi video (riding on her bike through London.)

Anyway, here's a transcript of her funny-stumbling inquiry to the record clerk (you know you want it:)
I was wondering if you have any sort of punk-y, electronica... kind of grime... kind of like new wave grime... kind of maybe like more broken beats... like kind of dub-y broken beats, but a little bit kind of soulful? Like kind of drum & bass-y but kind of more broken drum & bass... kind of broken beats but break-beat kind of broken drum & bass kind of.. .you know what I mean?
"LDN" expertly samples the calypso reggae classic "Reggae Merengue" by Tommy McCook & The Supersonics. McCook, born in Cuba, was a founding member of The Skatalites, which you might remember from a previous Lily Allen post, also featured Jackie Mitoo whom Lily sampled on her #1 UK smash "Smile" (The Soul Brothers "Free Soul".)

Girl loves her ska!

Smile, you're number 1
All Hunky Dory with the Kooks

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