Thursday, August 03, 2006

Smells like nostalgia

Play it: Nirvana "Smells Like Teen Spirit (rehearsal demo)"

Don't know why I never watched it before, but the With The Lights Out box set from Nirvana has a DVD of several Nirvana performances, and I attended one of the more famous ones. April 17th, 1991 at the all-ages OK Hotel venue, Nirvana played "Smells Like Teen Spirit" live for the first time. Anyway, I was there with my friends Mitch, Scott and Suzanne, all of us fresh from our University of Washington Track team practice.

Fast forward a few years (uh, er... 15 years!) and I randomly run into Suzanne, who, after we reminisce a bit, tells me that Mitch and I are all over the aforementioned performance on the DVD. It took me a few weeks but I finally checked it out last night, and lo and behold: there we are. About 3/4 through the song it gets ridiculous the amount of camera time that my friend Mitch is getting (and it's obvious he knows the camera is on him.) If it weren't for Mitch (who's easy to pick out) I probably wouldn't have noticed I was there in most the shots as well.

There's a YouTube version up for it, but you have to fast-forward to near the end of the clip (about 6:45 in) to catch the "Smells Like Teen Spirit" performance. From there, the crowd shots are of us (mostly Mitch) although, this MTV2 special broadcast stops about a minute through the song.

Just thought I'd share ;)

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Anonymous said...

Hey if you like Nirvana your gonna wanna check out The Vile Donations.
These guys rock!!!!!!!

Andrew said...

Smells like a great story to tell the grandkids one day.

Hey, grandpa, what did you do during the great grunge wars of the early '90s?

Well, chillen, I was on the front lines. Let me show you...


drake leLane said...

just one more to add to the arsenal ;)

MJAPA said...

That is pretty awesome! I am also in the crowd shots of a video! It is for The Cure, a show they did in Auburn Hills, MI. every once in a great while a friend will say, I swear I saw you in this Cure movie. It is only for a second, but it is me! :-)

drake leLane said...

A movie sounds much more higher profile, don't you think? Never knew you had some Michigan history...

As grunge cliche as it sounds, you can also briefly see my profile in the Pearl Jam "Alive" video. Once again I only can pick myself out because of a friends' (Greg's) distinctive features (hair.) That was shot in '91 as well (August 3 @ RCKNDY.)