Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Cane vs. gravity

Song: "Gravity" - John Mayer

HOUSE (Hugh Laurie) is defined by his pain, so what happens when that is taken away? Can a cantankerous genius become a caring doctor? Nobody watches HOUSE for warm fuzzies, so you had to know the other shoe (attached to hurt leg) would drop sometime.

To illustrate House's transition back to being cane-enabled, John Mayer's song "Gravity" was used (almost in entirety.) "Gravity wants to bring me down" sings Mayer, and HOUSE reaches for his cane. Like a hammer to the head, the blunt message is pounded into us to end the episode. Makes me want to reach for some of House's vicodone (but then again, what doesn't?)

John Mayer's new album CONTINUUM was just released yesterday.
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