Monday, September 04, 2006

David Cross interprets Spoon

Play it: "The Beast and Dragon Adored" - Spoon

During yesterday's Spoon performance at the Bumbershoot Music & Arts festival, comedian David Cross joined the band to interpret the song "The Beast and Dragon Adored" for the hearing impaired. The last (moon) 'sign' Cross used was for the lyric "Great dominions they just want you to leave" .... but as I look through my signing book, I'm finding that Cross may have been joking.

The New Pornographers opened on the mainstage for Spoon, and had their own young interpreter in the crowd (pictured at left.) We also listened to the end of Matt Costa's set (as we grabbed some grub) then ate dinner to the sounds of Jeremy Enigk, took in some Flatstock, some Firepod and ended our evening in the wading pool while being seranaded by Jose Gonzalez before Eli (and Emmett) could turn on us. Not bad (nearly 9 hours) for the lil' guys.

David Cross/Spoon photos from smohundro on flickr
JoshC has some photos from the interpretation as well

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