Monday, September 18, 2006

The hardest Simpson to button

Play it: THE SIMPSONS - Ep. 1802

Last night, the White Stripes got the Matt Groening treatment (that is, drawn yellow) and appeared on The Simpsons. Bart becomes a drummer and while perfecting his craft, goes on a "The Hardest Button to Button" psychedelic ride and runs into Jack and Meg White (now yellow,) and a battle ensues.

For those that have forgotten (or haven't seen) the "Hardest Button to Button" video (that the scene is based on,) YouTube has that as well. (PLAY)

Elsewhere, Lisa rescues some animals and walks down the sidewalk to "Little Green Bag" ala RESERVOIR DOGS, and Bart sits in on a rendition of Dave Brubeck's "Take 5." A most disjointed episode, as the second best line from the show attests: "I can't believe the plot lines intersected!"

Best line? Bart, after learning he'll never drum again: "I used to be a great drummer, but now I'm nobody, just like Phil Collins."

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