Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I bet they're riding around and running red lights

Song: "Somebody Stole My Car" - The Kinks

Someone stole our 11-year old Acura Integra last night. We're in the middle of a home remodel and have been having to park on the street, and this morning it was no longer in front of our house.

We've been assured by the police that in 98% of cases like this (old Hondas/Acuras) the car is found mostly unharmed. These models are just easy to steal and folks take them on joyrides.

Thankfully, not through Liberty City.

Mr Gone in 60 Seconds has got our baby's carseat and stroller.


tootiebaboo said...

I can't believe how much I miss that car!

drake leLane said...

I wish I hadn't just filled the tank Sunday. That joyride could take this loser pretty far away.