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I'm not sure why a modern day 18-year old would fantasize in the form of the video for Whitesnake's "Here I Go Again," but it certainly made for nice promos for last night's episode of The O.C.

Ryan is falling for Taylor, and visualizes her all Tawny Kitaen-like in his mind, but instead of to Whitesnake, the sequences are to the song "Hot Girls in Good Moods" by Butch Walker (which itself is an homage to T. Rex's "20th Century Boy.")

While it makes perfect sense that Taylor would be Marissa's replacement as Ryan's love interest, you have to admit the writer's could easily have screwed this one up (and seemingly would have in the past couple years.) Instead, though, it feels fairly organic and there's even a believable chemistry between the two that Benjamin McKenzie's Ryan character hasn't had since the first season.

Taylor even has a blog... the erotic memoirs of a soulful college girl... but "blog schmlog," there's a "bevy of blue ray anime" to watch with Ryan, and more fantasy sequences to be had - four in total, one more intentionally cliche then the next. A wet and sudsy window washing, Taylor on rollerskates... they all seem to work. As Seth says "I guess that's why they're called the classics."

Playlist: The O.C. - Episode 4.06
1. "Hot Girls In Good Moods" - Butch Walker - Song used (four times) in a series of fantasies Ryan has
1. "Daisychains" - Youth Group - Played as Summer is in her dorm room
2. "Good Clean Fun" - Clearlake - Kaitlin talks to Olivia and Leah by the pool about Conner and the party
3. "Deadwood" - Dirty Pretty Things - Kaitlin's party is in full swing
4. "Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is" - Jet - Kaitlin's party as Ryan and Seth look for Taylor and Summer... Ryan runs into Roger and they talk about Taylor
5. "Stay Put" - The Blood Arm (MySpace) - Riley concedes to Kaitlin, and as Ryan confronts Taylor about what he talked about with Roger
6. "Inside Your Head" - Eberg - Song plays as Kaitlin surveys her party, Julie talks to Spencer and Pam, Sandy and Kirsten renew their vows, Ryan and Taylor hang out in the closet and Summer introduces Seth to Pancakes.

Sleep on it (Episode 4.05)

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