Thursday, January 04, 2007

Breakbeat backdrop

For the handful of folks who checked out the series premiere of ABC's The Knights of Prosperity, you were not only treated to Mick Jagger yukking it up to the camera, but also repeated use of greatest hip-hop breakbeat of all-time:

"Apache" from Incredible Bongo Band.

Back in the early days of hip-hop, if you were a DJ, you couldn't be caught at block party without a copy of Incredible Bongo Band's Bongo Rock in your collection, and the song was eventually sampled in a multitude of rap songs like Run-DMC's "What's It All About" and LL Cool J's "You Can't Dance." A couple months ago, the album finally got a reissue, complete with great liner notes, along with bonus tracks.

As far as the series goes, time will only tell... the pilot showed promise, especially in the form of Donal Logue (as Eugene.) All the 70's references like Boston's "More Then a Feeling" and the Loni Anderson poster point to all sorts of future possibilities, and hopefully we'll see more of Columbian bombshell Sofia Viagra, er... Vergara, as Esperanza.

The Knights of Prosperity - 1.01 (Pilot)
1. "More Then a Feeling" - Boston - Eugene wakes up to this on his clock radio
2. "Apache" - Incredible Bongo Band - Used throughout as the Knights crime theme song

Here's Mick's first scene, which segues into the first use of "Apache":

Fun fact: The Knights of Prosperity was originally known as Let's Rob Jeff Goldblum, before Goldblum committed to the upcoming NBC series Raines.

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