Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Deerhoof in the headlights

It seems like every year, the third week in January is targeted with great indie rock releases, and this year is certainly no different. I've already mentioned The Shins (as that's the date of their explosion,) but another January 23rd release I'd like to get the jump on is the ninth long player from Deerhoof, entitled Friend Opportunity (on Kill Rock Stars.)

Play: +81 EP
Download: "+81"

Last week, their advance single/ep +81 was released in a digital only format (Rhapsody, eMusic, iTunes, etc,) and features the lead single from Friend Opportunity and four other Deerhoof freakout jams. "+81" starts out like a marching band from the Midvale School for the Gifted, and then pushes into the cuddly n' chaotic pop that Deerhoof has drifted towards on their past couple releases. Listening to Friend Opportunity it's apparent that if you liked the direction they were headed with on 2005's The Runners Four, then you're in for a treat. Those that were disappointed should check their old expectations of Deerhoof at the door, as this is a more mature effort. That's not to say it's not a challenging release, as there's still plenty of the exciting weirdness of the old DH to be had. The closer for instance is awash with a dissonance that refuses resolution, like some lost Scott Walker track from last year's Drift. There's also a Buffalo Daughter-like track which imagines oneself a dog for you to throw a stick for. One track that's stuck with me the most is the song "The Galaxist" which seems to challenge the best of Chavez (which you already know, is an all-time fave of mine.)

I'm not going to give away anything more... you'll have to sit and wait until January 23. Stay.... good boy.

Apparently, Friend Opportunity is already available on iTunes (two weeks early.) So... go... fetch. Good boy.

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