Wednesday, February 14, 2007

...and all is love

Happy Valentine's day... fitting that I just discovered the debut from the Swedish band Love is All finally made it into Rhapsody. Nine Times That Same Song was originally released in 2005 to rave reviews, and then proceeded to make many year-end lists for 2006 as well (including my Best of 2006 really from 2005 list.)

Album: Love is All - Nine Times That Same Song

The album runs through several styles at once... punk, 60's-style reverb-filled harmonies, frantic Talking Heads (and even Bow Wow Wow) rhythms, Yeah Yeah Yeah's vocal delivery. Most the tracks are upbeat workouts, but Love is All will ask you to "Turn the Radio Off" and then later to "Turn the TV Off," and that's when it's time to make out (then fall out, then make up.)

It's a lot to digest, but after a few listens you too will find yourself full of love.

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bumpershine said...

Got it last year and dumped it in a hurry.