Friday, February 23, 2007

Say goodbye to the O.C., bitch

Campaigns were waged, hands were shaked, maybe even deals made behind the scenes... but in the end, the prize could only go to one.

The Oscar? No, I'm talking about the series ending last song for The O.C. News actually leaked about it over a week ago, so I'll refrain from the suspense. Patrick Park's song "Life is a Song" indeed was used in the closing montage that flashed forward in time ala Six Feet Under's series finale (but without the crucial dying part.) I'm sure the end of the montage had longtime O.C. devotees all teary-eyed and lost in memories of the first season. In the end, it was how it began: With a succesfull man (Ryan, now an architect) beckoning a young teen who looks in need. Come to think of it, it's kind of sexual-predator creepy, don't you think?

Park had a song in the first season as well, and so much of last night referenced that monumental season, I'm really surprised we didn't hear Seth say "say goodbye to the O.C., bitch" when it became apparent that the Cohen family was moving back to Berkley.
The only song in the episode not in the vein of Park's indie ballad was the song used while Ryan and Taylor got comfy in the Cohens' new (old) digs, Clinic's sinister "The New Seeker," which is more of a reminder of the kind of chances The O.C. was willing to take when it was good.

The O.C. - Episode 416
1. "The New Seeker" - Clinic - Ryan and Taylor make out in the Berkeley house
2. "Shine On" - Jet - Frank tries to win Julie back
3. "On A Saturday" - Jacob Golden - Julie and Kaitlin talk about the future, while Kirsten and Sandy look at old photos
4. "Life Is A Song" - Patrick Park - The end of the episode montage

In case you forgot (or missed) how it all began, here's the "welcome to the O.C., bitch" intro to the series:

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