Friday, March 23, 2007

The best gig ever

This American Life was successfully ported last night from radio to television, and the act called The Spy Who Loved Everyone retold a story that gave me shivers a year ago (watch the whole episode online.) The improv group Improv Everywhere 'pranked' a band just starting out, Ghosts of Pasha, by having 35 folks show up for an otherwise empty show in New York. They memorized songs from their first EP and pretended to get really into the performance. The high and low of the aftermath makes the story transcend the initial prank.

Ghosts of Pasha have a triple album of lo-fi recordings coming out soon shortly called Way to Go, Glove (four songs on MySpace.)

UPDATE: Stereogum points us to This American Life's blog which details the problems they had licensing music for this episode. Ghosts of Pasha wanted 3-4 times their budget to have the songs soundtrack their segment. They ended up calling on John Kimbrough (Walt Mink) to score the segment, which is a good excuse to link to a kick ass live version of Walt Mink's "Miss Happiness."

Song: "Miss Happiness" Walt Mink
Video: "Miss Happiness" Walt Mink

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