Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I got your big log right here

While the mammoth Robert Plant box set Nine Lives came out last September, it took a series of Plant reissues released this week to make me notice it in Rhapsody. Namely due to the fact the album The Principle of Moments didn't make it, and the only way to hear it is via said box set, which compiles every Robert Plant solo release (including The Honeydrippers) along with several demos and bootlegs.

Album: Robert Plant - The Principle of Moments

Like many, I'm more partial to the first couple solo albums (Pictures At Eleven and The Principle of Moments,) when the material still rose above the dated production... these songs did not age very well. By Shaken 'n' Stirred, Plant was too reliant on the production, and the songs sound even more dated now.

A couple songs especially take me back, "Burning Down One Side" and "Big Log." Had to hunt down the latter's video for full effect.... it's definitely a WTF moment in popular music history. Did Robert Plant reach the top 20 with a non-sequiter reference to his penis (or bowel movement) in the title? Maybe it was a private joke with Phil Collins who played drums on the song (and on most of the tracks off the first two albums.)

Song: "Burning Down One Side," "Big Log" - Robert Plant
Video: "Big Log" - Robert Plant (iFilm)

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drake leLane said...

Robert Plant - Principle Of Moments

1. "Other Arms"
2. "In The Mood"
3. "Messin' With The Mekon"
4. "Wreckless Love"
5. "Thru' With The Two Step"
6. "Horizontal Departure"
7. "Stranger Here...Than Over There"
8. "Big Log"
9. "In The Mood (Live In Houston, 1983)"*
10. "Thru' With The Two Step (Live In Houston, 1983)"*
11. "Lively Up Yourself (Live In Houston, Texas, 1983)"*
12. "Turnaround (Previously Unissued Studio Version)"*

*Bonus Tracks