Monday, March 12, 2007

Soda bread and circus

This week really tests the luck of the Irish. The The Black Donnellys' episode that should've been shown this Monday night, episode 103 - "God is a Comedian", has been skipped over due to it being "too shocking." Instead they're showing episode 104 - "The World Will Break Your Heart," editing in a recap to keep you up to speed. You can still watch the skipped episode online, though, up through April 10, which you might want to do before tonight's episode (and if you've missed it entirely, all three episodes are still available online via - what a better way to celebrate Irish America's week of stereotypes?)

What was so shocking? Well, it's nothing you haven't seen on an HBO drama before, but this is network television post-Janet Jackson's nipple, so even viewing someone getting hit by a bus after 10PM is a scary proposition for the networks. Instead, to at least appease the masses, we get it online, meanwhile, the show continues to be on the hot seat.

Meanwhile, we might as well look at the music for this episode NBC deemed alright to air, which features great artists like Doves, Frou Frou and Colin Hay. These artists are no stranger to the music on tv spotlight, as Doves' "Caught By the River" was a favorite on The O.C., while Colin Hay's post-Men at Work prospects have blossomed thanks to work on Zach Braff's Scrubs and Garden State.

Playlist: The Black Donnellys - Ep104
1. "Caught By The River" - Doves
2. "It's Good To Be In Love" - Frou Frou
3. "Boys Will Be Boys" - The Ordinary Boys
4. "Across the Water" - Aeone - Black Donnellys exclusive track
5. "In Your Own Way" - Caleb Kane
6. "Waiting For My Real Life To Begin" - Colin Hay

Previously: The Irish Like a Good Fight (episode 101)

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