Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The sound of silver... or perhaps gold

Today begins (continues?) the push to make LCD Soundsystem a top 40 band... if for only one week. Earlier this year, frontman James Murphy implored fans that if they planned on buying the album, please do so in the first week, to push them higher on the Billboard charts.

Now folks who weren't sure they were going to buy the album have a chance to join in the fun as well, as you can hear it streaming for free (via AOL) and know first hand that it's a tremendous album, worth your purchase.

Album: LCD Soundsystem - Sound of Silver
Free AOL Album Stream

It's gonna take around 150,000 to get a #1 placement, but wouldn't it be great to see Murphy's mug get 20 minutes of fame? Add to that the fact that radio would have one less excuse not to play the great first single "North American Scum." There's actually no excuse not to play LCD Soundsystem on the radio, especially tracks like the Talking Heads groove of "Time to Get Away" or the post-punk fun of "Watch the Tapes."

The whole album is a bit like a love letter (in sound) to producer Brian Eno, who's work with Talking Heads and David Bowie is heavily referenced throughout. Along with the aforementioned "Time to Get Away", there's also "Us vs Them," whose rhythm guitar scratches makes one see David Byrne in his big suit. Meahwhile, the great opening track "Get Innocuous" and the title track "Sound of Silver" evoke the Bowie/Eno combo beautifully. "All My Friends" is almost like a great long lost New Order song. It's hard not to play "spot the influence," but it's all wrapped up in a package that has the feet moving and the head spinning at the same time. Take for instance the song "Someone Great," which mourns the loss of a friend over a swelling keyboard. The depths of despair felt in Murphy's delivery makes you want to well up in a ball on the sofa, yet your feet won't allow it.

It's truly the first album in a long time where I'm excited to buy it at a record store on it's release day. If there's enough of us out there doing it this week, perhaps we can make Murphy's little dream come true, and turn this silver into gold. (Buy at Insound, or Amazon)

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acwo said...

Tiptop blog, I like it :)
keep it up!

drake leLane said...

LCD Soundsystem - Sound of Silver

1. Get Innocuous!
2. Time To Get Away
3. North American Scum
4. Someone Great
5. All My Friends
6. Us V Them
7. Watch The Tapes
8. Sound Of Silver
9. New York, I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down

~~~hechter said...

I am totally immersed in LCDS' SoS. Loving every song especially after seeing their high energy aerobic (the crowd, not Murphy) concert. 2nd time experiencing them & I left with their songs running in my head for the next 2 wks. They closed with the album's NY closer - perfect end to a concerted "workout."

drake leLane said...

I'm jealous... I didn't get a chance to see him last time around, and with baby number 2 coming any day now, it's likely I'll be missing the next time as well.

Thanks for the quick show review!