Thursday, June 07, 2007

Is it really still three months away?

The 2007 Bumbershoot lineup is nearly finalized, with a few more great acts officially added in the past 24 hours. Highlights of the adds include Kings of Leon, Art Brut, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, Andrew Bird, The Frames, Rodrigo y Gabriela and Tacoma's very own reunited Seaweed. That last one had scrambling today, pulling out my old 'Weed discs and reminiscing 'bout the good old days of yore.

Add these to the already great lineup, highlighted by The Shins, Gogol Bordello, Roky Erickson, Steve Earle, Lupe Fiasco and the reunited treats of Crowded House and The FRACKING Wu-Tang Clan) and you have quite a weekend. We'll have another baby in tow, so it might just be me (and Eli) taking in the action this time.

Playlist: Bumbershoot 2007 (A-Z)

Right now I'm leaning towards Sunday, with a lineup of Art Brut, Devendra Banhart, Andrew Bird, Kings of Leon and the mighty return of Seaweed. Monday is a close second, with the live prowess of both Wu-Tang Clan and The Frames, along with the rare chance to see Roky Erickson. But then again... if I've got Eli with me, it might have to be Saturday, with some of his faves like Rodrigo y Gabriela, Gogol Bordello, the Shins, and I'm sure he'll like Crowded House. Maybe I can talk my sweetie pie into letting me go all three days? Not a chance (I wouldn't leave her at home with the babies for three days in a row... what do you take me for? ;)

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drake leLane said...

Bumbershoot 2007 (A-Z)

1. Faster Bullet - The Aggrolites
2. Godspeed - Anberlin
3. Nag Nag Nag Nag - Art Brut
4. Die Die Die - The Avett Brothers
5. Now That I Know - Devendra Banhart
6. Heretics - Andrew Bird
7. Iain M. Banks - Bloodhag
8. Lean On Sheena - Bouncing Souls
9. Four Seasons In One Day (Live At Sydney Opera House) - Crowded House
10. Golden Days - The Damnwells
11. Queen Of The Surface Streets - Devotchka
12. Jerusalem - Steve Earle
13. Don't Slander Me - Roky Erickson
14. Falling Slowly - The Frames
15. Start Wearing Purple - Gogol Bordello
16. How We Operate - Gomez
17. Decline-O-Meter - The Gourds
18. V Neck Sweater - Greyboy Allstars
19. Cupid's Chokehold - Gym Class Heroes
20. Smiling Face Hiding A Weeping Heart - The Holmes Brothers
21. The Day I Turned To Glass - Honeycut
22. The Co-Star - Miranda July
23. Lips Like Morphine - Kill Hannah
24. Knocked Up - Kings Of Leon
25. Boxing My Shadow - K'naan
26. Who Do You Love? - Ted Leo
27. Under Mi Sensi - Barrington Levy
28. Nyebe Nilam - Yungchen Lhamo
29. Kick, Push - Lupe Fiasco
30. Callin' Out - Lyrics Born
31. We're So Far Away - Mae
32. Don't Fade On Me - Magnolia Electric Co.
33. Purely Evergreen - Ian McFeron
34. Tres Tres Chic - Mocean Worker
35. Where You Are - Allison Moorer
36. Golden Star (Alias) - My Brightest Diamond
37. Long Ago - Ohmega Watts
38. Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off - Panic! At The Disco
39. Tamacun - Rodrigo Y Gabriela
40. Showdown - Rose Hill Drive
41. They Live - Schoolyard Heroes
42. Get Busy - Sean Paul
43. Losing Skin - Seaweed
44. Australia - The Shins
45. Centuries - Stars Of Track And Field
46. Tell Me 'bout It - Joss Stone
47. Much Farther To Go - Rosie Thomas
48. C.R.E.A.M. - Wu-Tang Clan
49. Rafiki - Zap Mama

Palm Springs Savant said...

great list...enjoying your blog. stop by and say hi sometime