Thursday, June 14, 2007

Seeing red (and yellow)

Like many boys, my son loves his Thomas & Friends wooden train set, and while my wife and I have always found the faces a bit creepy, we indulge him in his little obsession (my dearly departed Grandpa, who was a railroad engineer, would've been so proud.)

I was late to work this morning, so when I logged on I was deluged with email about this massive recall of Thomas & Friends wooden trains and accessories, basically anything painted red or yellow.

Song: "Red and Yellow" - Ampline

Well not everything (see picture to left.) The trains are made in China, and like the pet food recall going on, it seems to be a product of China's cost-cutting to meet US demand for their cheap-ass goods. Since we don't really inspect imported goods for things like poisons and toxins, I expect they'll be more Chinese products in the future.

Odd to think that one of the only red and yellow painted items not affected by the recall is the Chinese Dragon train. That sacred cow somehow got safer paint than the rest. Perhaps they're just a different shade of yellow and red then the affected items, but it does make for an odd coincidence, nonetheless.

One good thing to come out of this is the discovery of the band Ampline. Searching for relevant music for things like this is often kind of pointless, but Ampline's instrumental rock is angular and takes as many turns as a well built train set.

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