Friday, July 20, 2007

First impressions of Mad Men

I'd started a post about my reactions to the show and the music (Don Cherry, Vic Damone,) but my 2-year old's running a temperature of 103, so I have to table it for now.

Anyone watch it? I'm scared that some folks won't be able to get past the portrayal of misogyny and antisemitism of the time... thankfully we're assured 12 episodes (gotta love cable over network tv for that blessing.)


Scott Brown said...

Love your blog. Stumbled across it late last night.

I thought first episode of MAD MEN was great and I thought it was very rich in detail and flavor. I assume it is a fairly accurate representation of life back then, before my time.

If all the characters were perfect and lovable...what fun would that be? I might as well go watch Mr. Ed reruns or I Love Lucy.

The show seemed very real and I already care about most of the characters. I like the fact that the writers are definitely not trying to "Tread Lightly".
That is what I love about FX, the only network I ever watched...until last night.

I wouldn't have even known that MAD MEN existed if I hadn't been watching a few minutes of Godfather Part II when they ran the commercial. I think it will be a hit if they can get the word out.
It is definitely on my must-watch list.

drake leLane said...

Well, it's certainly getting the blog love I notice.

Thank goodness for cable networks and their willing to take chances. A series like this probably wouldn't last a more then a few episodes on the networks, I'd guess. Any dip in the ratings and they'd shelve it.

I'm also particularly intrigued by their use of historical tidbits to get more folks watching the ads. I usually skip over them on my DVR, but found myself stopping and seeing what they were coming up with next.

Helene H. said...

I love it. Another new show you may want to check out: Damages (on FX).