Monday, August 06, 2007

Making with the big and huge

On the second day, he died and was risen from the dead. And then on the eighth day, he disappeared, with the frat boy and the bird. Like some f*d up holy trinity (yes, my altar boy is showing.)

The lines and circle stick men are propagating, while the crazy characters that surround Shaun find themselves confronting their worst fears. Shaun being gone is already Cissy's worst fear. Mitch, Tina, Freddy, Barry, the Doctor and Bill all get in touch on their fears. Those closest to John (Kai and Butchie) see it in a positive light, and Butchie goes out to look for John and Shaun by surfing. As Butchie looks for a wave that might be coming with the duo, Sam & Dave's "Hold On, I'm Coming" plays (signaling John's return??) I doubt it's a coincidence that it's a Stax song playing, given that label's big 50th anniversary.

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