Friday, September 28, 2007

That 7-10 split is a killer

The biggest travesty in this year's Emmy Awards was that Michael C. Hall wasn't even nominated for his transformation into the compelling anti-hero Dexter on the Showtime series of the same name. To embody a killer and make him completely sympathetic with the audience is an incredible challenge, and Hall's nuanced take on the character (based on the novel Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay,) is a feat worthy of some trophies. It's not just Hall, though, as the tightrope that the writers walk in keeping this subject matter so light is pretty admirable. Through use of humor, intelligence and style, Dexter never strays too far to the dark side -- not that it could given the brightly colored setting of Miami.

This Sunday, Dexter picks up five weeks after last season's Ice Truck Killer showdown, where Dexter chooses his foster sister Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) over his newly found 'blood' brother. While he now has a better idea of who he is, there's still much to find out. Now that his memory has been sliced into, it's bleeding flashbacks, both back to lessons of foster dad Harry and prior.

Meanwhile, with Sgt. Doakes (Erik King) tailing his every move now, Dexter hasn't had a kill and is finding other methods to deal (like bowling for the Miami Forensics team, humorously called Bowl Till You Bleed.). Pretty soon it's not just Doakes on his tail, but also Special Agent Lundy (Keith Carradine) as Dexter's burial spot in Bay Harbor is discovered. Even Dexter's girlfriend appears to be on to him, but misinterprets his late night adventures as a drug problem and Dexter finds himself attending Narcotics Anonymous meetings to appease her. This is a fascinating development in that it shows that killing could just be an addiction to Dexter, like drugs to a junkie, and Dexter finds the 12 step process could actually work for him. That and bowling, of course.

The music this season continues to feature the sounds of Miami, particularly, the music of Cuban legend Beny More. I'm sure there will be a few surprises... like last year when we find out who the Ice Truck Killer is to the tune of Eric Carmen's "Make Me Lose Control", and then the season finale featuring Andy Williams' "Born Free").

Playlist: Dexter - Season 1
1. "Conoci La Paz" - Beny More
2. "Bobine" - Ska Cubano
3. "Flores Para Ti" - Raw Artistic Soul
4. "Uruapan Breaks" - Kinky
5. "Con Mi Guaguanco" - Ray Armando
6. "Cumbanchero" - Ruben Gonzalez
7. "El Canonero" - Beny More
8. "Make Me Lose Control" - Eric Carmen
9. "Slow Ride" - Foghat
10. "Born Free" - Andy Williams

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